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What Success Looks Like

5 Principles To Success

1. Raise Your Standards—go all in and move from saying I should to I must—get off the starting line!

2. Change Your Limiting Beliefs—your inner conflicts, doubts and fears must be faced and overcome… You!

3. Model Strategies That Work—”Success Leaves Clues” implement the winning steps of others.

4. Learn the Lesson Already—EVERYTHING we face in life is meant as a gift to strengthen, build and better us….(if we allow it to)!

5. Give more than you expect to receive—what shapes the meaning of our lives is not what we get, but rather what we give.

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“Teamwork—divides the task and multiplies the success!!!" - Unknown

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by Joyce S. Days

First, pause a moment, and take in the fact that you made it through every challenge and diffi-culty that came your way in the last year. It wasn’t easy, but YOU did it! So give yourself a pat on the back, you made it to a fresh new year!!! Traditionally, the beginning of a new year is a great time to decide to work on an area you’d like to improve, adjust or simply tweak. Keep in mind, that this should have nothing to do with anyone else and their expectations of you. This is about you wanting to take care of you.

Maybe you’d like to improve your health, character, stam-ina, relationships or even in time management. The beautiful thing is, it’s your decision and it starts with simply asking yourself the question—What’s the one thing I want to improve in my life? Usually, something pops immediately to the forefront of your mind. But for some, it might take you asking yourself this question over and over again….until the answer comes. Once you’ve solidified that one area, make the decision to do it! The word decision is an interesting word, it literally means to “cut away”.

This means once you decide something, you are in es-sence, simultaneously, beginning the cutting away process, or removal of any and all hinderanc-es and distractions that stand in the way of you achieving the goal. The next step is to begin ed-ucating yourself concerning the topic. This includes reading, searching the internet, on places like YouTube, as well as asking professionals, or friends and family members who might have the expertise, or who may have achieved this same successful outcome in their own lives.

At this point, you are well on your way and just need to continue from one step and then on to the next. Be mindful to keep your focus always on just the one current step. For instances, last year I set a goal to drink more water. After having decided to do so, I began educating myself on the subject and found out from Dr. Berg, on YouTube, that its not just about drinking lots of wa-ter….but about being properly hydrated.

This meant, adding a good electrolyte powder with the correct potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc. ratios, for optimal hydration, so the heart is fueled to function properly. I then researched, and found a good electrolyte powder with an excellent potassium to salt and other minerals ratio, purchased it, and started adding it to my water, and lo-and-behold….I felt noticeably better hydrated than when drinking the water alone.

I also noticed I drank a lot more, with less effort, because of the electrolyte powder’s delicious lemon and rasp-berry flavor! The point being, I took one step, which led me to the next step and then to the next, until I met my goal. I gained a new understanding that drinking water alone should not have been the actual goal but rather, proper hydration. Integrating this new practice into my daily routine has made me better— I’m better hydrated, I feel better, I am better! So go ahead, I dare you…..ask yourself the question……..

What’s the one thing I want to improve in my life?

And what is the first step I will take to becoming the better me, Me 2.0?

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LOVERN'S NEWS - Owner's Note

I’m looking forward to another exciting year of working with each of you to make this another successful and prosperous year for our entire Lovern’ s Inc. Team! I hope this new year each of you and your families become closer, stronger and better!

Tommy Lovern

Everyone, we did an outstanding job last year of keeping Lovern’s an “Injury Free” Work Environment. Lets keep up that same safety-minded work ethic for 2024 as well! Your conscientious decisions are what make us standout in our industry. Keep up the Good Work!

Mike Siepker


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“Teamwork—divides the task and multiplies the success!!!" - Unknown


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